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Message from the Headmaster

Robert L. Fricker

Building a foundation for a life.  All parents are eager to provide their children with the best foundation for a successful life.  Parents know that with t he proper blend of love, support, and the right experiences, their children will be better prepared to live satisfying lives in a future that will be full of change and will offer nearly unlimited opportunities.

No experience outside the home has a more profound impact on a child's life than his or her experience in elementary and middle school.  Children learning to read, add or do algebra are not only mastering these important subjects, they are also developing the skills needed to become successful learners.  Children whose experiences provide them with confidence in their ability to learn are prepared to thrive in high school, college and in life.

Every child comes to school with the unspoken hope that they will be known for their distinctive talents and given the opportunity to develop their special strengths.  The teachers at The Independent Day School choose to teach here because our small classes enable them to know and support each child's individual growth.  We focus on the intellectual, emotional, social, physical and creative development of each child.  The curriculum has been carefully constructed to stimulate and challenge students, and to help each child each his or her potential.  The result is a durable self-confidence built on actual achievements.

The learning that takes place in the classroom is supported and developed further by the strong sense of community at IDS.  The community of students, parents, and teachers work together to create an environment that is sage and stimulating.  Our shared goal is to help every child discover his or her particular niche within a community that care for and appreciates each child as an individual.

We hope to help you gain a fuller understanding of the powerful partnership that exists between IDS and its parents as we work to create the foundations on which our children will build their lives.

Robert L. Fricker 




A History of The Independent Day School

Founded in 1961, The Independent Day School is located on 35 acres of countryside next to the Laurel Brook Reservoir in Middlefield.  We are a coeducational, nonsectarian elementary school of 225 students from Beginners through grade eight.

More than 30 years ago citizens from the surrounding towns, Meriden, Middletown, and Wallingford, met to share their ideas about education. In this area there already existed a university of national renown and a first-rate independent secondary school.  The question remained: should there not be an elementary school of equal excellence, if not of comparable national reputation?

In January 1960, a corporation was formed and a Board of Trustees appointed to found a school that would "emphasize basic scholarly disciplines" and furnish "that high quality of instruction which is essential to the full development of the child's ability and to provide a strong foundation for later work."


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