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2001 - 2002 Open House Schedule


Select a convenient time for you.

Sunday, November 4th 1 - 3 p.m.

Sunday, January 13th 1 - 3 p.m.

Snowdate: January 27th 1 - 3 p.m.

Experience classes in session • Meet faculty, parents and students • Tour the campus and learn about our programs •
See our new Early Childhood Wing


During the school day


Tuesday, January 15, Wednesday, January 16 and 23, Thursday, January 17 and 24 Friday, January 25,

8:30 - 9:45 a.m.

In The Spring

Tuesday, March 19 Wednesday, March 20 and April 3, Thursday, March 21 and April 4, Friday, April 5

8:30 - 9:45 a.m.

The Independent Day School welcomes communication from all who are interested in learning more about our school. The Admission office will gladly arrange for a visit to our school in order to receive a view book or to gather more information. Applications are accepted from all interested families in order to begin the admission process.

Prospective parents are invited to schedule a tour with the Director of Admission, Mary Lou Stewart, during our school day or to attend any of the Open Houses scheduled at various times throughout the school year.

The goal of the admission process is to determine whether our curriculum and programs will meet a child's needs and the family's expectations. To this end, we make every effort to inform parents and applicants about the school; similarly, the school makes every effort to come to know the applicants and their families. During this process the school actively seeks families who value and aspire to a positive parent-teacher partnership.

After application is received, an admission visit is scheduled. This offers the prospective students the opportunity to visit in the classroom of their present grade, interact with children of similar, age and participate in interviewing, testing and information-gathering exercises which assist the Admission committee in their decision process. The Admission committee reviews past and present school records and speaks with individuals listed on the application as references.

Our school serves children with normal development and enthusiasm, who have average to above average intelligence. Programs are designed to be enriching and challenging as well as supportive in guidance. In those few instances where our school does not have programs to meet the needs of a candidate, the family is encouraged to seek a more appropriate school setting.

Tuition and Fees Schedule 2000-2001


Beginners (3 years old) (3 mornings a week)


Pre K    (4 year olds) (5 mornings a week) 


Full-day kindergarten  


Grades 1


Grade 2-5


Grades 6-8 



Fees for books and materials are charged in kindergarten through grade 8.

      K-5    $275
        6-8    $400

Musical Instrument Rental - grades 4-5     $45

After paying full tuition for the eldest child enrolled at IDS, each subsequent child in the family enrolled in K-8 will receive 5% reduction in tuition.  This policy is extended to families with children enrolled from K-8 who are not receiving financial aid from IDS.

Instrumental music is required in grades 4 and 5.  Students who do not own the instruments they will play must rent one through the school.  Each rental is charged at $45 per student, which is about half the cost.  IDS pays the balance.  The assessment is billed in June.

Milk at snack and lunch is available at cost.  Student accident insurance is also available, if desired.  At times, small amounts of money may be needed by a student to help defray expenses of a field trip.


Reserve Loan Fund
The Reserve Loan Fund exists in order to provide a more sound financial position for the school.   All families (except those receiving Financial Aid) are obligated to make a non-interest bearing loan of $500.00 to the school upon enrollment of their child or children.  This loan is repaid in full when there are no longer any children from the family attending IDS.  Arrangements can be made for families who prefer making a donation rather than a loan.


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